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  •  Alumnae Meeting

    Alumnae Meeting at 4th October,2017.Kanpur Vidya Mandir Mahila (PG) Mahavidyalay...

    3/10/2017 12:52PM

    Meeting of the IQAC CORE COMMITTEE was held on 23rd Sept. 2017 at 9:30AM Kanpur ...

    21/09/2017 12:52PM

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Principal's Message

From the Principal's Pen

I am very happy to meet you through this page. Education is not an act of acquiring knowledge but learning skill to lead life and forming one’s personality. This is an ennobling process of growth. We feel proud to provide quality education by equipping our students with skills, confidence and a positive approach with an all-round development.Optimism, tradition, inclusiveness, service, compassion, tolerance, hope and faithfulness are the underpinnings of K.V.M. it is in this context that our students learn. We encourage high academic standards and have high expectations of personal discipline and motivation from our students. These are the keys to success in life after college.

We are fortunate to have a talented, highly committed teaching and support staff. Our teachers are committed and dedicated for the development of institution by imparting their knowledge and play the role of facilitator as well as role model to our students. The members of non-teaching staff are highly dedicated with total commitment towards achievement of our mission and goal. The way we teach, the ways our students learn are unique and creative. Consistently, we never hesitate to look into our deficiencies and transform us to an efficient agent of social change. We have excelled in every initiative that we undertook and have stood together in facing the challenges in realizing quality education. The management of college is highly supportive for the overall development of the students and faculty.

With proud legacy of 37 years, the college has excelled in every field. The Management takes keen interest and stands behind any such endeavour. It is also the matter of pride that college has been granted ‘A’ grade in NAAC accreditation in Year 2009. We are preparing for reaccreditation (cycle-2) and hope to be honoured as ‘A+’ college by NAAC. Now our motto is- ‘we will and we can’. I strongly believe that-

‘We cannot always build the future of our youth but we can build our youth for future.’


Kanpur Vidya Mandir Mahila (P.G) Mahavidyalaya