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  •  Alumnae Meeting

    Alumnae Meeting at 4th October,2017.Kanpur Vidya Mandir Mahila (PG) Mahavidyalay...

    3/10/2017 12:52PM

    Meeting of the IQAC CORE COMMITTEE was held on 23rd Sept. 2017 at 9:30AM Kanpur ...

    21/09/2017 12:52PM

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Dayanand Girls’ Postgraduate College 'Samshrutein gamemahi' adopting this Vedic phrase as the motto, on July 1984, Kanpur Vidya Mandir society established Kanpur Vidya Mandir Mahila (P.G.) Mahvidyalaya for imparting value-based quality education to girls for every Strata of the society.
Beginning with the U.G. level of Arts faculty only, it soon got approval for postgraduate classes in Education and Sanskrit as well as for faculty of Science (both Biology and Maths group). Now the sapling has flourished into a full grown tree, providing shade and shelter to hundreds of young girls on whose shoulders rests the destiny of the nation. We put in our sincere efforts to prepare the students to withstand the challenges of fast changing times, maintaining the balance between trend, tradition and innovative capabilities.
May our institution incessantly spread this flame of knowledge all around.