• College Code: KN21
  • Vision & Mission


    'Our vision is to create a positive environment for learning and personality development in this institution. We motivate students to find their own correct path, embracing the Vedic essence "Samshrutein Gamemahi." Girls, coming from diverse social backgrounds, are cultivated mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually in order to fulfill the global needs in contemporary times. At the same time, the students are nurtured to develop sensitivity and sensibility to find a harmonious balance between the divergent demands of life.


    Our mission is on shaping the students into an integrated personality by giving equal attention to academic as well as co- curricular activities. Value- based education is our priority. We hope to empower the young girls by helping them develop an awareness of the self as well as the society. We hope to cultivate the traits of being culturally adaptable, socially adjustable and emotionally stable in the students. Our mission is to induce the spirit of scientific temper by enhancing the best practices and to inculcate the value of Indian culture in the students.