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  •  Alumnae Meeting

    Alumnae Meeting at 4th October,2017.Kanpur Vidya Mandir Mahila (PG) Mahavidyalay...

    3/10/2017 12:52PM

    Meeting of the IQAC CORE COMMITTEE was held on 23rd Sept. 2017 at 9:30AM Kanpur ...

    21/09/2017 12:52PM

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Alumnae Association

The logo of the Alumnae Association 'Ojasvini' is आत्म दीपो भव i.e. try to explore the treasure within you. Trust yourself and be guided by the inner spark. Having enlightened yourself, spread the light of knowledge all around.
Ojaswini was established in 2008 for ex-students of K.V.M.M.P.G. College to enable them stay connected to their Alma Mater. Our first ever Alumnae Meet was held in 2008 and we received very satisfactory response through willing and active participation of the ex-students. There is no registration fee for the membership of this association. Each Saturday at 11:00 a.m. the faculty is ready to contact them.
The office bearers of this Association have taken charge of various responsibilities. The publication of Alumnae Magazine is in progress and it is proposed to be released at the advent of Alumnae Meet, Scheduled in Dec.'17.
We feel proud to mention that there is a very strong chain of competent and capable alumnae who have the urge to give and contribute to the institution as per requirement. At present our alumnae are holding important positions in banks, multinational companies, research centers, universities, colleges and have brought honour to the institution.